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Hair Maintenance

How to maintain your Virgin hair :


Wash your virgin hair once a week and leave conditioner in for a HOUR so it feels nice and soft . We recommended tresemme salon silk conditioner and tresemme salon silk shampoo. ( DO NOT USE AFRICAN  CARIBBEAN PRODUCTS) European products only !


When washing your hair be very gentle and take care . Wash the hair carefully in a downward motion with your hand  do not scrub or bunch the hair together as this will cause open cuticles to rub against each other causing friction.


After shampoo your hair , rinse   out the shampoo  with warm water and apply your favourite conditioner between 5-10 mins .( We recommend 1 hour for deep conditioning , your hair will feel very soft.)


Rinse out your condition , apply argan oil and let your hair air dry . To avoid any heat damage  . ( you can blow dry if you wish but make sure you use heat protector  spray before you blow dry ) .



Dying hair care 


If your hair was bodywave  before dying , your curls may come out when hair is bleach and dyed . Not worry. Simply  scrunch your hair with your hands or  use bendy rollers and your hair is back to bodywave  or you can use a curling wand . (Watch how to use bendy rollers on YouTube . )  You can get bendy rollers for cheap on eBay (  24 pack). 


When hair is bleached and coloured hair may feel dry it's important to  deep condition your hair once a week if your hair has been bleached and dyed and use serum, we recommend John Freda serum you can purchase it from super drug or boots .


Always brush the hair every day.  We recommended using the weave brush . Brush once in the morning and before bed .


Remember this is virgin hair, it's like having your real hair . same way you look after your  natural hair, is the same way your virgin hair  needs TLC, if you want your hair to last to 1-2 years or even longer I suggest you follow our guidelines and you be good to go. Your hair will be healthy and shiny and soft .



How to identify the human hair?


 It is easily to see this for yourself when you receive your product. Simply  remove a few strands of hair and burn them. Human hair has natural proteins, so it is reduced to ash and produces a foul smell when it is burned. However, synthetic hair melts into a sticky ball when burned, so it is very easy to tell the difference. Moreover, human hair may have a few gray hairs or split ends. This is not a quality problem. It is very natural.

Frontal wigs and Full lace wigs

Full lace wigs and frontals wigs need a lot of extra care. If the knots of the frontal wig and lace wigs ,are bleached , this leads to the hair shedding , as bleaching the knots weakens the lace but also bleaching the knots will give you more of an natural looking wig . Bleaching the knots helps to blend the wig with your skin colour.  There is no option to stop the shedding of the hair but you can help control it , by deep conditioning your wig for a minimum of one  hour a day . Frontal wig and lace frontal wigs  last up to two-three months when the knots are blached and maybe even longer (depending on how you care for it) not bleaching the knots  your frontal of full lace wig can last for a year plus. You have the option to choose from bleached knots or not bleached knots for full lace wigs and frontals wigs.

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